Podcast #01- An interview with Olm

Patrick Flynn is the man behind Olm, the creator of some of the most immersive, creative and innovative art to emerge out of Tasmania in recent years. 

Olm is the recording moniker of Tasmanian noise, ambient and drone producer Patrick Flynn. Flynn has been incredibly productive since 2015, releasing three full-length albums (Olm, Absence and Little Boy), as well as a collaborative EP with the anonymous rapper Feet, with all of these releases seeing his work incorporate different sonic techniques, influences and musical stylings.

Anthony recently sat down with the productive creative for The Isle to discuss his influences, the internet, his future releases and just what it is like to be an experimental artist from Tasmania.

It was a thrill to sit down with Patrick to discuss such topics, and I hope you find the conversation as interesting as I did!


Here is a clip for a track off of the Olm and Feet collaborative EP:

Olm’s work lives on the internet. You can revisit the entire Olm discography, follow his activity and stay in the loop for what’s coming next via  Facebook, TwitterYouTubeSoundcloud and Bandcamp

– Anthony Osborn

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