GIG Review: Killing Heidi- The Goods Shed, 7th May 2017

By Josh ‘Tree’ Lovell

Victorian rock icons Killing Heidi brought their reunion tour to Hobart and Josh ‘Tree’ Lovell, accompanied by his Mum, caught all of the action. Here’s his review of what was a very memorable gig!

Firstly I want to make three points:

  1. Everyone loves an anthem, and not just the type that’s played before sporting events
  2. Killing Heidi, even after a 10 year hiatus from the Australian music scene still know how to get a crowd up and about and;
  3. My Mum enjoyed her first live gig in god knows how long, and it appears every one else in the room had the time of their lives.

After such a long period of not playing some of the anthems Australians become accustomed too during the late 90’s and early 2000’s it would be easy to view Killing Heidi’s reformation as a mere cash grab by a bunch of washed up artists, however, it became clear very early into their set that this was not the case. Killing Heidi simply killed it in front of a legion of adoring fans.

“You are a bunch of legends” lead singer Ella Hooper yelled to the crowd after playing an uplifting rendition of I Am, which was followed soon after by a “Fucking Awesome”.

Now lets be frank here, it was “fucking awesome” that a band who only reformed last year after over a decade in retirement and who had only played a handful of gigs in recent times ventured down to our little island to play a set on a cold and wet Hobart evening.

Before Killing Heidi blew the roof off of the Goods Shed at Macquarie Point, we were treated to local band The Surreal Estate Agents who fuse classic rock sounds with blues-rock textures.

I arrived just in time to see their final five songs (an enthralling AFL match between the Bulldogs and the Tigers stopped me from coming earlier) and they proved just how solid Tassie’s local rock scene is at the moment. After seeing them live I can assure you that their debut album, House Inspection, is well worth checking out, with Bombs Been Dropped my favourite song of their set.

 After The Surreal Estate Agents’ set finished to loud cheers, Killing Heidi took to the stage, with Ella coming on just in time to start singing the first song of the set ‘Calm Down’.

 The set featured all of the songs that you would expect, including Astral Boy and Superman/Supergirl but also included a solo song by Ella, Monkey Mind, and a few songs from The Verses that included both Jesse and Ella Hooper in their lineup.

A set from the Australian Indie rock act would not be complete before singing some of the most well known songs in recent Australian music history- Mascara and Weir.

 They are simply amazing songs, but nothing beats hearing them live. The crowd were passionately singing back Mascara and embraced an extended version of Weir because of Ella making a little speech about the four other people on stage that played along with her.

It was terrific to see such an iconic Australian band of this magnitude play such an amazing set in Hobart. If the reaction of my Mum was any indication, it is safe to declare two things: firstly that Killing Heidi still knows how to rock and secondly that this was one hell of a crowd-pleasing night.




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