EP Review: Squid Fishing – How The House Breathes

Words by Anthony Osborn

Release Date: January 23rd

Label: Self-Released

Genres: Indie Rock, Folk Punk

The second EP from Hobart’s Squid Fishing is an earnest collection of cathartic folk punk tunes that are ready-built for festival slots, sweaty bar gigs and headphones alike. 

The band formed in 2016 and released their debut EP ‘The Day The Puddle Flooded The House‘, but the time between then and now has seen the four-piece turn into one of the most exciting bands coming out of the Hobart scene.

Singer Zena Mohamad’s earnest, witty and self-aware lyrical chops are on full display across How The House Breathes’ six tracks, with opening track (and 2017’s ultimate slacker anthem) ‘Netflix Ruined My Life’ perfectly encapsulating the energy and wittiness of this release, but also Zena’s willingness to be self depreciating in the delivery of cathartic brilliance.

‘Hectic Jazz Funk’ is a dynamic cut that appears ready made for live shows through its shear energy, intricate instrumental interplay and refrain of “It’s Okay, It’s Okay”. ‘Heavy Boots’, meanwhile, closes the album in exceptional fashion as the song delicately builds before a raucous explosion of sublime guitar work  to bring this incredibly satisfying EP to a close.

At just six tracks long, this EP is a satisfying listen but ultimately one that just leaves you wanting more. If there was any doubt prior to this release as to whether Squid Fishing are one of the most exciting up and coming bands coming out of the state, this release should put these all to dead.


Favourite Tracks: Netflix Ruined My Life, Hectic Jazz Funk, Heavy Boots, Meaningless Sex

You can buy How The House Breathes here




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