Falls Music and Arts Festival 2017-18 Preview

Anthony Osborn

The days are becoming longer, the weather is getting warmer and the excitement surrounding music festival season is rapidly intensifying.

Since first hosting the festival in 2003, the picturesque Marion Bay has quickly become one of the hottest festival locations in the country, and the 2017-18 lineup promises to only further enhance this reputation.

Here are some of the artists you cannot afford to miss at the upcoming Falls Music and Arts Festival.

Run the Jewels

“Killer Mike and El-P, f*** boys know the combination ain’t healthy,” kicks off ‘Job Well Done’, a standout track off the duo’s first collaborative album as ‘Run the Jewels’.

World domination has followed for the two influential Americans with El (New York) and Mike (Atlanta) bringing the flavours of their home cities together to form a hip hop duo of superhero proportions.

Expect some vulgarity, explosive instrumentals and oodles of humour when the two bring cuts off of their three critically acclaimed Run the Jewels albums to the main stage at Marion Bay on December 30.


Fleet Foxes

Three albums in and one could mount a serious claim that Fleet Foxes are one of the best bands of the 21st century.

The band’s debut release, Sun It Rises (2008) and sophomore effort Helplessness Blues (2011), weren’t followed up until Crack-Up earlier this year, but Robin Pecknold and his band of bearded friends picked up from where they left off, delivering an album of such artistic beauty and intricate design that has floored music fans and critics across the world.

Soaring harmonies, lush instrumental passages and dynamic interplay will surely serve as the perfect way to finish 2017.


DD Dumbo

While Oliver Hugh Perry released his debut studio album Utopia Defeated over 12 months ago, few artists elicit such excitement ahead of the Falls Music and Arts Festival. Tracks like ‘Satan’, ‘Walrus’ and ‘Tropical Oceans’ appear to be built for a festival in such a picturesque location. With Saharan Blues influenced guitars, hypnotic looping instrumentation and vocals that elicit the best of Sting and Jeff Buckley, this is going to be one hell of a set.


Luca Brasi


Luca Brasi have rapidly emerged as one of Tasmania’s finest exports and as one of the country’s most electrifying rock bands. The prospect of these Tassie lads performing in front of thousands of fellow Taswegians promises to be one of the highlights of the festival. Keep your ears peeled for gems like ‘The Cascade Blues’ and ‘Anything Near Conviction’.


Camp Cope

Georgia Maq, Kelly-Dawn Helmrich and Sarah Thompson, as Camp Cope, have quickly scurried up the Australian music ladder to become an industry leader on social issues, and one of the country’s mightiest live bands.

Their 2016 self-titled debut album spawned huge huge singles, ‘Lost: Season One’, ‘Done’ and ‘Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams’, and perfectly demonstrated the band’s captivating mix of fearless lyricism, cathartic vocal performances and intricate interplay between jagged guitars and explosive drumming.

The music world needs Camp Cope, and your last day of 2017 will undoubtedly need it too.

Who are some of the artists you are most eagerly anticipating? Let us know in the comments below!



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