Podcast #04 – Album Gauntlet: Carl Renshaw, Kirin J Callinan, Gang of Youths

Welcome to Episode Two of the ‘Album Gauntlet’ Podcast!

On today’s show you will find reviews of the debut EP, Tellewise, from Hobart-based psychedelic pop prodigy Carl Renshaw, Go Farther In Lightness, the second studio album from Sydney rockers Gang of Youths and the sophomore effort from the extravagant Kirin J Callinan entitled Bravado.

What do you think? Did we get these right and what would you like us to review next? Let us know in the comments below! Feel free to like, share and subscribe as we continue to grow The Isle!

Tellewise by Carl Renshaw can be purchased here.

Bravado by Kirin J Callinan can be purchased here.

Go Farther in Lightness by Gang of Youths can be purchased here.

Music in the podcast is courtesy of Olm. Check Olm’s work out here.


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