The Top Six Tasmanians in the AFL for 2017

The 2017 AFL season has been unlike any other. Unpredictable results, nail biting finishes and an abundance of exciting new stars of the game, with our Tassie stars heavily involved in the action.  Tasmanian talent shone through the national competition over the course of the season with Ben Brown becoming a genuine superstar, and youngsters Jake… Continue reading The Top Six Tasmanians in the AFL for 2017


FEATURE- A Tasmanian AFL Team?

Words by Anthony Osborn Will Tasmania ever have an AFL team? It's a question that has been in existence for as long as most can remember, yet it remains a question without a definite answer. So while we play the waiting game, what would a current team comprised solely of Tasmanians look like?  Tasmania has… Continue reading FEATURE- A Tasmanian AFL Team?